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How New Technology Is Revolutionizing The Energy Industry

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A number of emerging technologies can facilitate production, help comply with health, safety and environment issues, and are cost-effective for the O&G industry. Robots are equipped with nondestructive testing sensors that are inserted within pipeline network. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) represent another alternative for the inspection of facilities. Drones are now fairly commonly used to inspect tanks, pipelines, and refineries. Drones are often operated from a ground control station and require robust flight control techniques, inertial navigation, data fusion, and tracking control. In sum, automation and digitalization may help the industry accrue some benefits in terms of safety, environmental performance, public health, productivity, operations, efficiency, reliability, and investment. Companies should evolve to remain competitive, as the ways in which energy is produced, consumed, and distributed has changed dramatically. We are facing a time in which users have more decision power that is based on real-time information.

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