May 1st, 2020 | Houston, TX

DigitalXtreme Roundtable


Coming Soon DigitalXtreme Roundtable

Digital Transformation or DXVR redefines how technology, people and processes come together to improve business performance. Both nationally and globally, change is accelerating across industries and organizations. Is this happening in yours? At DXVR 2020, dives deeper into global technology trends with leading speakers, listen to the latest case studies and engage with other leaders to help accelerate business performance in your organization through DXVR. - Amanda Scott, President Petroleum Emerging Technology Corporation, Advisory Board Member of the DigitalXtreme V 2020 Roundtable. DXR is an event with a focus on the oilfield of the future technology. The goal is to provide a forum to stimulate interaction between producers, software driven technology companies, key supporting innovation enthusiasts. The DigitalXtreme Roundtable is an event developed by Amanda Scott, sponsored by companies active in the area of oil and gas digital transformation. Over the past few years, we have seen game-changing IoT and digitalization grow to become the worldwide objective to enhance operations efficiency.

Why Should I Attend?

Advancement in technologies, the falling cost of digitalization, and the ever widening connectivity of devices provide a real competition-beating opportunity to upstream oil and gas (O&G) companies who play the digital revolution right. The lower-for-longer downturn and moderating operational gains have provided an extra incentive or turned the opportunity into a need for companies to save millions from their operating costs, and most importantly, make their $4 trillion asset base smarter and more efficient.

Two related developments are the convergence of technologies and edge data processing. As operational technologies (OT) increasingly include software and sensors, OT and IT converge in systems comprising smart machines, storage systems, and facilities capable of autonomously exchanging information, triggering actions, and controlling each other independently. While IoT data can be processed at the data center or at the edge of the network, the amount of content that will be generated at the edge will demand that process queries be delivered to the data rather than bringing the data to the enterprise data center. Indeed, edge processing will drive innovation in analytics, systems, and operational management.

Who's in the audience?

Decision-makers from areas of upstream such as: production, operations, drilling, frac’ing, geology, artificial lift, EOR, facilities and process controls:

CTO / CIO / Chief Innovation Officer

VP / Head / Director of:

  • Technology
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Innovation
  • IT Architect
  • (Data) Analytics
  • IoT
  •  Software Engineering
  • Programs
  • Maintenance

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