Nowhere in the upstream industry are the stakes higher than deepwater. In this remote, harsh environment, development decisions have consequences that can play out over decades. Intervention costs are high and unscheduled shut-ins can wreck a project’s economics.

Fortunately, Petroleum ETC has more than 20 years’ experience working in extreme conditions to maximize recovery from projects that access mixed formations. Every day, Petroleum ETC is designing, vetting, and testing the latest in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Artificial Lift concepts. This knowledge and experience allows us to take your production scheme from early concept design to full field implementation.

With an extensive background in designing and conducting Multiphase Booster Pump studies, Petroleum ETC is well positioned to advise on lift technology selection, artificial lift system integration, and subsea tieback design. Our team can also assist with frac design and a ball-sealer design offshore.

From an operational perspective, we can develop a customized, environmentally responsible, multiphase slugging mitigation program for your deepwater, infield system. Contact us to get started on an offshore project today.


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