About Petroleum ETC

We provide the latest in emerging petroleum technology.

Our Organization

An industry think tank led by a team of prestigious academics, Petroleum ETC takes a rigorous approach to educating and advancing energy professionals in new and emerging technologies through organizing industry events and conferences, training sessions, field trials, data review, case studies and offering validation of key findings. Our unique position affords us the ability to extend our expertise as collaborators and consultants as well.

Originally founded in College Station, Texas, our corporate headquarters moved to Houston, Texas in 2013. We started as an operation with knowledge-sharing events worldwide on topics ranging from multiphase pumping, multiphase metering, hydraulic fracturing to reservoir engineering.

Our Mission

Our mission provides a context for the work we do each day. Petroleum ETC's mission is: "To facilitate the worldwide growth of emerging petroleum technologies with a personal touch.”

We orchestrate the adoption, integration and monetization of emerging technology in the petroleum industry to improve efficiency, safety, and ROI.


Petroleum ETC’s core values drive our corporate culture. They define who we are and why we are here. Our corporate goals and strategy may evolve, but all of our decisions are ultimately rooted in the following beliefs. Staying true to these values preserves the unique nature of Petroleum ETC.


– Energetic professionalism
– Quality, backed by innovative service
– The adoption of emerging technologies
– Facilitating industry interaction worldwide


Our Leadership

Dr Stuart Scott



Dr. Stuart L. Scott is a well-known technical authority in the areas of artificial lift, multiphase pumping, and production engineering and operations. He is a distinguished member of SPE and holds the ASME Henry R. Worthington Medal for "Eminent Achievement in the Evolving Field of Multiphase Pumping.” He recently received the status of ASME Fellow January 2017.
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Amanda Scott



Amanda Scott's expertise in providing advisory services now spans across the entire energy value chain from think tank to commercialization and from concept to venture capitalists.
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